About Us...

What makes Simpson's special? 

Our extensive training, the quality of our work, and our commitment to customer satisfaction have all been a huge factor in the success of our business.  These factors didn't just happen by chance, it is a philosophy that has been passed down from our grandfather, to our father, to our present day operation.

Simpson's operates three shops in the Shoals' area, all operated by three brothers.  The Simpson brothers, like so many of their peers in the automobile repair industry, were influenced by their father and grandfather, generating an interest in the three boys at an early age in what would become their chosen profession.  "Our granddaddy started the mechanical part of the business, then our father started the body repair."  Johnny Simpson explained.  "We saw that it was a good business to be in.   When we were growing  up, we always liked to be in that shop", he said.  That first shop was in Muscle Shoals.

Today the three brothers -- Johnny, Danny, & Mark each operate a successful shop.  Danny's in Sheffield, opened in 1981; Johnny's in Florence, opened in 1991, and Mark's in Killen, opened in 2000.

Johnny's shop is 15,000 square feet and employs 12 people.  Mark's shop is just under 15,000 square feet, and he also has 12 employs.  Danny's shop is the largest of the three at approximately 20,000 square feet and employs 13 people.  In addition to the body shop in Sheffield is also the home base for Simpson's Wrecker Service.

"We've been lucky, our father leaves us in complete control of the shops and has always encouraged expansion.  He has never held us back", said Johnny.

"One of the biggest things that has helped our is the fact that it is truly a family business.  Today, even though our father is not so much directly involved in the business, he's still a figurehead in it, and he's around all the time.  Our sister works with us; helping all three shops with bookwork."  Mark went on to say that he believes this working relationship has made them much closer as a family, and that customers notice the family atmosphere and appreciate it.

Give us a call, you'll notice the difference and appreciate the service.