Simpsons Collision has three body shops in the Shoals area, and all are operated by three brothers. The Simpson brothers, like many of their peers in the automobile repair industry, were influenced by their father, Gary Simpson, and grandfather, John Murphy Simpson. Growing up around this automobile repair industry is what spiked their interest at a young age in what would become their chosen profession. “We saw that it was a good business to be in”, Johnny Simpson said. Johnny went on to say, “When we were growing up, we always liked being in that shop”. The first shop was in Muscle Shoals.

Today the three brothers, Johnny, Danny, and Mark, each operate a successful shop. Johnny is at the Florence location, which opened in 1991. His building is 15,000 square feet and 16 people are currently employed. Danny is at the location in Sheffield, which opened in 1981. His building is 20,000 square feet where currently 16 people are employed. Mark’s location is in Killen which opened in 2000. His building is 15,000 square feet where there are currently 12 people employed.

A new location is being built and should be ready in fall of 2020. This new building will be located in Florence beside the wrecker service and will be operated by Johnny.

“We’ve been lucky. Our father left us in complete control of the shops and always encouraged expansion. He never held us back”, Johnny said. The father of the three Simpson brothers and sister passed away in August of 2019. One of the Simpson’s favorite things is when customers come in and start telling memories and stories they have of Gary Simpson.

The next generation of Simpson’s Collision is stepping into the business. Mark’s two children, Taylor and Mason, both work with their father at the Killen location. Johnny also has a daughter that is working with him as well at the Florence location, Olivia.

“One of the biggest things that has helped out is the fact that it truly is a family business. Today, even though our father is not involved in the business, he is still a figurehead in it”. Mark went on to say that he believes this working relationship has made each of them much closer as family, and that customers notice the family atmosphere and appreciate it.

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